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Meaningful Tax Relief – As you continue to see skyrocketing prices on everything from gasoline to groceries, it is clear to me that you need to keep more of what you earn. That’s why I have been a consistent voice for tax relief at the State Capitol, voting for a law that provided the largest tax relief package for Minnesotans in decades – cutting taxes for seniors on Social Security, college graduates with student loan debt, families with young kids, and more. I am also the chief author of legislation that would fully eliminate the unnecessary state tax on senior citizens’ Social Security income.

Public Safety – Months before the Minneapolis riots, I conducted ride-alongs with Hastings and Cottage Grove police officers, and Dakota and Washington County sheriff’s deputies, to see first-hand the challenges – and dangers – they face every time they go on duty. I understand that brave men and women are risking their lives every time they wear the badge and that they should be commended for their service, not degraded. Minnesotans deserve to feel safe in their communities, and that’s why I’ll continue to oppose radical efforts to defund police departments, hold violent protesters accountable for their crimes, and give law enforcement officials the support they need and the respect they deserve.

Emergency Powers – As state representative, I voted 21 times to end Governor Walz’s emergency powers. I want to ensure no future governor can ever again abuse executive orders like Governor Walz did to shut down businesses, close our schools, and ruin the livelihoods of thousands of Minnesotans.

Protecting Life – During my time at the State Capitol, I have been recognized as a steady and reliable voice for the rights of the unborn. With a 100% rating due to my continued strong support for pro-life legislation, I have been consistently endorsed by the MCCL.

2nd Amendment – It is your constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and your 2nd Amendment liberties continue to be targeted at the State Capitol. I’ve fought against senseless gun control measures, and continue to advocate for the enforcement of the existing laws that are already on the books so those who shouldn’t have guns can’t get them.

Building Safer Roads and Bridges – During my time in the Minnesota House, I voted for the largest investment in road and bridge infrastructure in state history without raising gasoline taxes. Billions of dollars are now being invested into statewide transportation needs using existing funds thanks to this law.

Education – The education of your children should not be a partisan struggle, yet in too many cases it has become exactly that. I support ensuring parents have control of their child’s education and allowing them to have access to what’s being taught in the classroom. I also support expanding school choice options and holding schools accountable for educational outcomes.

Election Integrity – Every Minnesota citizen should know that their election system is protected, transparent, fair, and honest. Because of this, I support providing identification prior to voting, making our election process more secure, and confirming that all ballots are legally cast and accurately counted.